Common Issues in Couple’s Therapy…

Couples I work with often struggle with issues such as communication, intimacy, money, parenting differences, work stress, growing apart, anger management, and forgiveness – to name a few. 

I use a group therapy approach. I consider a Couple a 2 person group, which helps me maintain neutrality, balance, fairness, time management, and the ability to focus on the issue that exists between the two. I will usually take on a more structured and directive approach in order to achieve balance and clarify communications.

This type of work typically involves improving listening skills, developing specific language and communiction skills, uncovering old resentments and unresolved issues, behavioral changes, anger management skills, clarifying misperceptions/misunderstandings, and practicing forgiveness. Finally, the capacity for compromise is vital in any successful couple, while also preserving one’s boundaries and personal integrity. This final point is an art that can be cultivated and communicated with proper skill building and authentic communication.

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