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I have been offering therapy services to Teens, Adults, Couples and Families in the Bay Area for more than a decade. My private practice office is located in Alameda, CA and I see people on Thursday and Friday. I have studied and trained in several therapy modalities, and what I have found most helpful in my work is borrowing from All therapy approaches to offer a unique package of solutions and insights. In this sense, I have always considered myself a “Blue Collar Therapist” – using whatever exists in my toolbelt to work on the issues you and I are facing.

In addition to therapy services, I also offer talks on “Understanding Your Teen”, “Parenting the Difficult Teen”, and “Undertsanding Teen Depression.” I offer these courses in the community to parent-teacher organizations, juvenile diversion programs, and non-profit organizations.

I also work for a large Bay Area- based medical organization, and have served for 5 years as the Chairperson for Adolescent Depression Best Practice for Northern California. This position speaks to my devoted and highly specialized interest in working with Teens who struggle with depression and related mood problems.

In addition to working with Teens, I also work with Adults, Couples and Medical Professionals struggling with Substance Abuse/Addiction. Please explore my site and learn more about my practice and specific areas of expertise. Since we are living in the 21st century, you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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